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No more trawling linkedin or directories, just receive the leads and act on them. We use our machine learning algorithms to feed you leads so you can concentrate on the activity of converting and moving them further down your sales pipeline.


Lead Delivery

Leads are delivered to you as you need them. Default is daily. Other update frequencies are available.


We select the leads relevant to you. Our algorithms work on what we know about you (and your company), what you’ve told us you want feeds for and what we know about your industry. Then we tailor the feeds before sending to you.

B2B Sales Managers

For B2B Sales Managers, Lead Module is ideal for sending you the leads you need at the right time. It may be that you or your team already know these people, but the difference is that Lead Module is the prompt to act today, not tomorrow. It will help you prioritise you sales efforts to focus on those that are in a more appropriate situation for purchasing.

B2B Business Development Managers

For B2B Business Development Managers, Lead Module will assist you in focussing your efforts in developing new markets and clients so that you're contacting people at the time when they're more receptive.

Recruiters and Talent Sourcers

Recruiters and Talent Sourcers will benefit from Lead Module by using it to understand changes in organisations and when hiring managers are most likely to be receptive to your services.

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We want you to have valuable leads earlier than you do now. We uncover potential leads and communicate them to you before you knew you wanted to know about them

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The quality of leads has challenged the way that we conduct our selling activities. Initial conversations are yielding better results than our old methods.

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